If you’re planning a holiday get-together, we’ll bet it involves a sumptuous feast of some description. If roast beef is on the menu this year, you might be wondering about wine that pairs with roast beef, and we’ve got some mouthwatering ideas you’re going to love.


Roast Beef Wine Pairing

Choosing a wine to pair with roast beef usually skews towards big reds. But let’s also consider what you’ll serve with it. You want to pair your roast beef dinner with a wine that will match your menu in texture and weight.


#1 Cabernet Sauvignon

Ideally, look for a big red that’s low in tannins. High-tannin wines like cabernet sauvignon pair well with roast beef but might clash with some of your side dishes. However, it can work if you choose something from a new world region, like California.

Australian cabernet sauvignon, such as from the Coonawarra or Barossa Valley, could also be a candidate, but you’ll find notes of eucalyptus in there, which might not be the optimum choice.

In any case, decanting will soften the tannins and open up the wine considerably. It takes two seconds, you don’t need a fancy decanter (although that’s always fun), and the rewards are instantaneous!


#2 Merlot

Merlot is typically a softer wine and does well paired with roast beef and myriad other holiday dishes. It’s also easy for people to love, so a good choice for an all-around wine that will take you from cocktail hour through the meal and beyond.

Choose a merlot from California or Chile. But if you have the option, go for something a little more high-end. There are a lot of uninteresting merlots in the market, but if you spend a few extra bucks, it’ll make all the difference.


#3 Rhône-Style Blends

There’s a vast selection of Rhône-style blends out there, and they don’t have to be from France. If you want to splurge, a Châteauneuf-du-Pape will always impress. However, if you’re having a large gathering and want something a little more budget-friendly, try a Côtes du Rhône Villages or something from California or a good quality Australian shiraz.

Grape varieties that fall into this category include grenache, syrah, mourvedre, and carignan, which are often blended but sometimes offered as single varietals. Australia, in particular, is quite fond of their grenache-syrah-mourvedre (GSM) blends, and they’re certainly worth checking out!


#4 Alternate Selections

If you have guests that don’t love red wine, go for a rosé. White wines aren’t the best choice, but you could likely do well with a white Bordeaux, an Australian Semillon-sauvignon blanc, or a semi-dry riesling in a pinch.

However, rosé would be the better way to go. Choose something that isn’t too dry or too sweet, perhaps one made from cabernet franc, grenache, or even rosé champagne.

Here’s to happy and safe gatherings this holiday season! Are you looking to stock up on holiday wine? Try our premium case club subscription, where you’ll get 12 bottles of hand-selected wines from the USA and abroad. Cheers!

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