spring wine pairing asp

With fresh seasonal produce beginning to entice our palates, here’s a quick guide to wine pairing with springtime favorites.

Asparagus & Chardonnay
Look for a white wine like pinot blanc with good minerality and notes of citrus to pair with grilled asparagus and lemon dressing. Try a nuttier white, like a chardonnay with bright acidity, to compliment white asparagus in a rich cream- or egg-driven sauce.

Lamb & Lambrusco 
When serving a rack of lamb with fresh spring vegetables, rosé and lambrusco are great choices. If your preparation for chops is a bit richer, featuring rosemary and garlic, try a fruit-driven Bordeaux — and make sure to deglaze the pan with it too!

Peas & Pinot
Alongside peas with fresh mint, go for a crisp white that offers a balance of acid and herbal notes like a sémillon. If you want to match the sweet umami quality of a simple yet elegant dish of peas gently cooked in butter, try a light red like pinot noir.

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