storing open wine

A half finished bottle of wine can often be one of life’s little curses. No matter how many times you pledge to yourself that you’ll finish the rest of the bottle in a day or two, eventually you wind up with yet another undrinkable bottle of leftover wine. What’s a wine of the month club member to do when faced with yet another ruined bottle of wine?

Despite the sour taste and sting of remorse often associated with an unfinished bottle that sat in the fridge or the cupboard a few days too long, there are steps you can take to save your favorite beverage.

Replace the Oxygen in the Bottle with Gas:

There are a number of products on the market that use a nontoxic gas, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen, inserted into a bottle with an aerosol in an attempt to displace the oxygen in the bottle. However, most of these products can only extend a wine’s life for a short period of time and often with mixed results.

Remove the Oxygen in the Bottle with a Vacuum:

In addition to products that attempt to displace the oxygen trapped in a half-empty wine bottle, other products try to suck the air out with a vacuum attachment. Many of these products do an adequate job removing most of the air from a bottle, but they cannot remove all of it. While their use is better than nothing, this method isn’t perfect.

Re-bottle Your Wine:

The most effective method for preserving your wine is to pour it from the bottle you opened to a smaller bottle with a screw top. Use a funnel to pour your wine into the smaller bottle, making sure it is filled to the top. This method significantly reduces the amount of oxygen present, preserving your wine for weeks rather than days.

The next time you find yourself with a half-full bottle from your wine of the month club take a few seconds to preserve your wine rather than letting it go to waste. You’ll thank yourself later, when it comes time to sit back, relax, and finish your wine.