opening bottle of wine

Knowing how to open wine bottles seems like it should be pretty self-explanatory, right? In reality, many burgeoning wine connoisseurs will find that it can be trickier than it first seems. Let’s take a look at how to open wine bottles successfully and some tips and tricks to make the job easier.

If you have the right tools, knowing how to open a wine bottle is reasonably simple. Let’s assume that you are new to this. Let’s also assume that this is not a screw-top wine bottle – because that one we know you can handle!

How to open a bottle of with a corkscrew

Using a traditional corkscrew

1 – Grab your wine bottle and corkscrew
2 – Remove the foil from the top of the wine bottle
3 – With the corkscrew arms down, place the corkscrew over the cork
4 – Begin turning the metallic coil (oddly enough referred to as a “worm”) in a clockwise direction
5 – When the coil is almost completely inserted and the arms have risen, push the arms down and the cork will rise from the bottle

Easy enough. Now, go get your glasses and enjoy.

Using a rabbit wine opener

As your expertise as a wine-drinker grows, so too will your wine enthusiast toolset. You now know that the right way to open a wine bottle is key. That’s why many oenophiles opt for the easy to use rabbit wine opener. It is simpler to use than a traditional corkscrew but less expensive than many automatic openers. Also known as lever corkscrews, these tools work by clamping the handle around the neck of the bottle. The coil (or worm) penetrates the cork and the cork is removed by moving the level upwards. Simple and time-saving. Some of our favorites include the Original Rabbit Corkscrew and the OXO Vertical Lever Corkscrew.

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew

What should you do if you find yourself missing that important piece of equipment? It is possible to find yourself in the seemingly impossible situation where you have that perfect bottle but no corkscrew. What to do? Knowing how to open wine bottles without a corkscrew in hand isn’t quite as difficult as it might seem. If you are clever enough, or handy enough you’ve got this.

Opening a Wine Bottle with a Screwdriver

For this method, you will need a screw, a screwdriver, and a hammer (trust us, this will be gentler than it sounds).
1 – Use the screwdriver to gently insert the screw into the center of the cork
2 – Be sure to leave a small amount of the screw sticking out above the cork
3 – Using the back of a hammer as you would remove a nail, carefully pull the cork from the bottle

You might need some extra patience and elbow grease to get the cork dislodged, but it will be worth it in the end!

Opening a Wine Bottle with a Wooden Spoon

For this method, you will need a wooden spoon with a slim handle and plenty of patience.
1 – Make sure you have a good handle on the wine bottle so it doesn’t slip
2 – Use the handle of the wooden spoon to carefully push the cork into the bottle. Exercise plenty of patience and caution as this method can take some effort
3 – You should be able to then pour the wine with the cork inside the bottle. If some of the cork crumbles, either strain it with a fine strainer or consider it a little bonus treat.

Our favorite wine bottle openers

There are plenty of other names on the best wine bottle opener list. With everything from automatic openers to traditional corkscrews, here are a few of our favorite: The Secura Electric Wine Opener is an extremely popular and inexpensive option. The automatic electric opener comes complete with a foil cutter and is rechargeable. For the traditionalist, the HiCoup Waiter’s Corkscrew is another good choice. The simple jackknife-style tool is affordable and doesn’t require much storage space.

You’re on Your Way Sommelier!

Who knew there was so much to know about how to open a bottle of wine. Since you made it this far, go ahead and pat yourself on the back for all of the know-how you now possess. You can consider yourself a wine bottle opening expert.