This Mother’s Day, why not get mom something she really wants? Sure, there are plenty of ways to make your mama proud, but nothing says “you’re the best mom ever” than a bottle (or two or three) of her favorite imbibible treats.

Top Wine Picks for Mom on Mother’s Day

If you know what mom enjoys, choosing an indulgence is easy. But if you’re unsure what’s the right wine for the moment, or if the number one lady in your life has an adventurous palate, perhaps you need some inspiration. In that case, we’ve got plenty to share.


There is no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day (or any day for that matter) than with bubbles. Sparkling wine is always welcome—we might even say essential—at Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch. If she’s a mimosa kind of gal, choose a Prosecco from Italy. Prosecco is inexpensive, effervescent, and slightly sweet, and it tastes great on its own or with a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Add a couple of frozen raspberries to the flute or a thin slice of orange zest if you want to fancy it up.

Lately, we’ve been loving Rosé Prosecco, a pink bubbly treat that’s easy to love at any time of the day. But what makes it pink? Prosecco is made from a grape called Glera, but Prosecco Rosé has a little pinot noir (about 15%) added to give it color. Even if mom loves bubbly, she may not have tried this trendy little number yet, so you can be the first to introduce her.


Pinot Gris from Alsace

There is nothing like a rich Alsatian pinot gris to put a smile on mom’s face! Pinot gris from Alsace bear little resemblance to the pinot grigio we quaff by the pool in bucketloads—it’s dry, full-bodied, rich, and complex, and pairs perfectly with Mother’s Day brunch fare like eggs benny, crab cakes, and fresh asparagus with hollandaise.

What makes Alsatian gris different from those made in any other wine region? It could be the terroir and climate, characterized by hot summer days and cool nights, moderated by the Rhine River and the Black Forest, resulting in a wine that’s perfectly balanced between fruitiness and acidity. Or it could be the aging process, in which many winemakers choose to ferment in large older barrels. Rather than imparting oaky nuances, this method results in a highly textured, mouth-coating wine that could pair with a steak just as easily as smoked ham, fish, or grilled seafood.

Zesty Côtes du Rhône

If mom loves a good red, why not drink outside the box a little and get her something that’s a little off the beaten path. Côtes du Rhône is certainly not unusual, but it might not be her everyday go-to.

To choose something special, look for a Côtes du Rhône Villages, a higher quality wine made from the regions surrounding one of the 20 recognized communes in the Rhone Valley of France. Villages wines are made from a minimum of 50% grenache, with syrah, mourvèdre, and other grapes making up the rest of the blend.

On the splurgy side of the Côtes du Rhône appellation, you’ll find Châteauneuf-du-Pape. This is a more complex and long-lived wine, and some, like Château Beaucastel, can run as high as $80 or more a bottle, so if you want to spoil mom with a special treat, that’s an excellent way to go!


Surprise Mom with a Wine Club Subscription

If you can’t decide on a wine for Mother’s Day or if you want to keep the good vibes going all year long, sign mom up for a wine club subscription. Wine club subscriptions start at $29 per month, and she’ll have a monthly reminder of how much you care. Cheers to moms everywhere!