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Valentine’s Day: A Sweetheart of a Day for Wine

There’s nothing that says romance quite the same way as a great meal and a fantastic bottle of wine. As Valentine’s Day approaches, you might be thinking about how you can “wow” your sweetheart—and while we can’t advise you on every little thing, we can make some fantastic suggestions for Valentine’s wine that are sure to fill your heart with joy.

Break out the Bubbly for the Ultimate in Valentine Romance

Nothing plucks at the heartstrings like a bottle of bubbles! Fortunately, there are lots of options to suit any budget.

If you’re popping the question or want to impress, there’s no substitute for Champagne — that is, the coveted sparkling wine made only in the Champagne region of France. Your Valentine will certainly know how much you mean to them when you pop that cork!

Non-vintage Champagne is quite reasonable in price, although if money is no object, go for a vintage Champagne or splurge on a luxury cuvée, like Cristal, Veuve Cliquot “La Grand Dame,” or Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, choose a traditionally-made sparkling wine from California, like Schramsberg, Mumm Napa Valley, or Domaine Carneros.

For lovers on a budget, you can’t go wrong with a good Prosecco from Italy. Choose one from the Valdobbiadene DOCG (a demarcated region known for its high quality).

Valentine’s Wine for the Red Wine Lover

When we think about Valentine’s Day, it’s all about red. Red roses, red hearts, and red wine!

If you’re enjoying wine with dinner, here are a few recommendations:

Malbec from Argentina is an excellent choice, and there’s plenty of great value to be had. Argentinian Malbec is bold, sexy, and voluptuous, replete with smoky, spicy notes and just a hint of black licorice. As for what to pair it with, you can never go wrong with steak frites, lamb, or even a pot pie.

Washington syrah is an under-the-radar hero in the big red category, and the quality, across the board, is excellent. Few new world regions actually get syrah “right,” but Washington does it effortlessly, resulting in wines of great depth and structure. Try a Washington syrah with anything roasted or grilled to bring out its smoky notes.

Sweet Wine for Your Valentine

What would Valentine’s Day be without a bit of sugar? If there’s chocolate in your future, you need a wine that’s as sweet as can be. As a rule, you’ll want to choose a wine that’s sweeter than the chocolate itself, so don’t make the mistake of trying to pair a dry red or white wine with chocolate. You won’t be doing the chocolate or the wine (or your romantic evening) any favors!

Our top picks for wines with chocolate are Sauternes (France), vintage or late-bottled vintage port (Portugal), late-harvest zinfandel (California), or if you’re bubbles enthusiast, look for a demi-sec Champagne, Brachetto d’Asti (Italy), or a good-quality Moscato d’Asti (Italy).

There is an exception, however. If you’re a dark chocolate aficionado, you can get away with a dry red. The higher the cacao content, the better you’ll do. In this scenario, choose a wine with good red fruit at its core, such as a young zinfandel, cabernet franc, or a shiraz.

Are you wine-ready for the most romantic day of the year? Sign up for a wine club subscription today, and you’ll be sure to live on in their hearts forever!