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Spring Wine Pairings

With fresh seasonal produce beginning to entice our palates, here’s a quick guide to wine pairing with springtime favorites. Asparagus & Chardonnay Look for a white wine like pinot blanc

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Is Champagne Actually Healthier

From champagne to whiskey, alcoholic beverages have been compared to one another ever since they were first created. Some people refuse to drink anything with a sparkle, while others will only touch

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albarino vines

Albariño (alba-reen-yo) is a white wine grape, best known for the crisp, mineral-laden wine it produces in Spain’s Rías Baixas (ree-yas bye-shas) region on the Atlantic coast. It is aromatic

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Zinfandel Vineyard

We all know zinfandel as California’s signature grape. Its deep, purple color, concentrated fruit, and juicy personality is certainly a crowd-pleaser. Better yet, you can generally find an excellent zin

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If you tend to avoid wines you can’t pronounce, gewürztraminer (geh-WURZ-tra-meen-er) is likely one of them. But if you’re never tried this aromatic stunner, you’re really missing out on a

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Barbera Wine

In the Northern Italian region of Piedmont, Nebbiolo takes center stage. Barolo and Barbaresco tend to steal the spotlight as some of the most sought-after wines in the world, but—newsflash—they’re

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