Learn the basics of wine

white wine variety

White Wine Types

White wine is generally a lighter drinking wine than red. It is often enjoyed before a meal or is often paired with
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wine making

How Wine is Made

Wine has been made for centuries without too much fuss. The basic process is quite simple: you take ripe grapes, ferment them,
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wine rating systems

Wine Ratings Explained

You may know what a five-star hotel is, but do you know what wine ratings mean? Knowing a little bit about wine
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Discover Sauvignon Blanc

If you’re a fan of bright, fresh, aromatic, and crisp white wines, you’ve likely experienced a sauvignon blanc (also known as sauvignon)
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sweet wine glasses

Sweet Wine Types

From Bordeaux’s renowned Sauternes to Moscato wine made in Southern Italy, sweet wines are made and enjoyed all over the world. White,
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red wine types cab

Red Wine Types

Red wine has been produced for thousands of years and now… all over the world. The different types of red wines produced
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ordering wine

How To Choose Wine from a Wine List

You love wine, you love food. It’s a match made in heaven! But if you’re new to wine or if you tend
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Mother’s Day Wine Gifts

This Mother’s Day, why not get mom something she really wants? Sure, there are plenty of ways to make your mama proud,
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opening bottle of wine

How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Knowing how to open wine bottles seems like it should be pretty self-explanatory, right? In reality, many burgeoning wine connoisseurs will find
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benefits of decanting

How (and Why) to Decant Wine

What are the benefits of decanting wine and the science behind it? The science of decanting wine: Decanting is a method of
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how to taste wine

How to Wine Taste

See. Swirl. Smell. Sip. Wine tasting from novice to expert in 4 easy steps! Look straight down into your wine glass to
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storing open wine

Best Ways to Store Open Wine

A half finished bottle of wine can often be one of life’s little curses. No matter how many times you pledge to
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